April Gardening Tip

Now is a great time for a garden spring cleaning! Start by taking the time now to remove those perennial weeds that are already growing so quickly this time of year. Then, get your compost off to an early start by turning it. Finally, sharpen or repair your garden tools, and clean out and organize your garden storage space if needed. You can continue planting radishes and peas directly in the garden. Indoors, this is a good time to start seeds of many herbs such as basil.

Remember, although the warm spring weather may tempt you, it is still too early to prepare your garden beds. Before digging in your garden this spring, check whether the soil is ready by grabbing a handful. Squeeze it, then drop it on the ground from a standing position. If the soil still feels sticky and the clump does not easily break apart, it still needs time to dry out. Wait until soil clumps break easily and feel crumbly to the touch before tilling or turning over your garden beds.



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