Sneak Preview of Tomatoes by Color

WCG is pleased to once again offer you an amazing selection of heirloom tomato seedlings at our annual Plant Sale on May 9, which is held at Rowland Hall Lower School, 720 S Guardsman Way (1580 E), Salt Lake City.

We spent the winter months pouring over every seed catalog that we could get our green thumbs on in order to bring you the best of the best! Here is a mere taste of what we will be offering on May 9 – we will have 30,000 plants for sale, including 42 varieties of tomatoes, lots of other vegetables and herbs, as well as water-wise perennials. All of our seedlings and perennial plants are ready to be planted in the garden, at just the right time in the season.

Heirloom tomatoes - tasty and colorful
Heirloom tomatoes - tasty and colorful

Sneak Preview of Tomatoes by Color

Green Zebra: This outstanding tomato features 3 oz bright green striped fruits. If you’ve never grown a Green Zebra you are definitely missing out on this high yield, rich-tasting beauty.

Aunt Ruby’s German Green: Large 1 lb beefsteak. Brilliant neon-green color. Excellent taste that is better than most red varieties. Need I say more?

Jaune Flamme: Numerous clusters of 2-3 oz deep orange fruits make this a favorite tomato of home gardeners. Great for drying, this tomato retains its beautiful color and flavor.

Kellogg’s Breakfast Orange: These juicy and meaty orange fruits have a delicious and rich flavor, 1-2 lbs of delicious and rich flavor to be exact!

Yellow Brandywine: There are whispers among certain crowds that Yellow Brandywine tomatoes are better tasting than the pink Brandywine. Having never grown this yellow cousin, we are definitely excited to put that theory to the test this summer. New variety!

Brandywine: Without a doubt our best selling tomato, and with good reason. The 1 ½ lb fruits are incredibly rich, delightfully pink and do exceptionally well in Utah; a mainstay for home gardeners.

Cherokee Purple: Another best seller. No garden is complete without the large, deep, dusty purple fruits of the Cherokee Purple. Prolific vines feature the extremely sweet 12 oz fruits.

Nyagous: We’re excited to try out this 6 oz fruit that resembles a large chocolate truffle. The deep red, chocolaty brown, purple color is just the icing on the cake, if you will, for the complex, rich, sweet full-flavored flesh. New variety!

Amish Paste: This is my favorite, and a must-have paste variety, excellent for making sauces and great for fresh eating, too. Teardrop shaped 6-8 oz fruits have outstanding flavor.

Cour di Bue: This hard to find heart-shaped variety is deliciously sweet and perfect for fresh eating or cooking. The 12 oz fruits are described as “one of the best tasting tomatoes… these have the perfect flavor!” New variety!

Moskovich: This extra-early tomato is sure to be a hit with Utah home gardeners. The 4-6 oz fruits are deep red, early and cold tolerant. Early, new variety!

Red Brandywine: Considered the “original” Brandywine that was first recognized in 1889, this beauty of a tomato is very productive with 8-12 oz flavorful deep red fruit. New variety!

Siletz: This tomato is hailed as “one of the best early tomatoes I have ever seen.” The compact plants produce perfect 8 oz sweet flavored fruits. Early, determinate, new variety!

Mexico Midget: One of the best cherry tomato varieties around, this prolific variety produces cluster after cluster of small fruits with truly wonderful flavor throughout the growing season. Great for salads.

Hillbilly Potato Leaf: Gorgeous, deep yellow 1lb fruits are marbled with red, accounting for the fact that this tomato is also called “flame.” Excellent for slicing. New variety!

Speckled Roman: Highly recommended by a community gardener, the 3” by 5” elongated red fruits are striped with orange and yellow. It is a great producer with wonderful flavor and few seeds, making it ideal for canning or cooking. New variety!

Ananas Noire: Fruits are green, yellow and purple and feature bright green flesh with deep red streaks. This 1.5 lb tomato is unique looking and boasts a superb flavor that is both sweet and smoky with a hint of citrus. We are excited to plant this one in our gardens! New variety!

Cream Sausage: The elongated paste shaped fruits are creamy white to light yellow and have a sweet flavor. The productive, bushy plants of Cream Sausage do not require staking. This is a beautiful tomato! New variety!

Great White: This magnificent 1 lb slicer is creamy white. With its high yield, smooth skin and delicious flavor, this is an excellent addition to any tomato garden. New variety!

Blondkopfchen: The 1“ fruits of the “Little Blonde Girl” have a wonderful sweet taste that will continue to produce in giant clusters until the end of the season.

By Brit Merrill, Community Gardening and Volunteer Coordinator



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