From Egg Consumer to Egg Producer!

I have to confess that just over three months ago the only thing I could have told you about chickens is that they lay eggs. Then, I came to Wasatch Community Gardens and they gave me my first big project: 4th Annual Tour de Coops. After promising I could make a great event of anything, I googled chickens and hit the ground running.
A few of the lovely ladies you'll see on this year's Tour de Coops!
A few of the lovely ladies you'll see on this year's Tour de Coops!

I don’t know if any of you are chicken newbies but there is an endless amount of resources out there on the greater web.  I was able to learn quickly how the world was allowing their backyards to be invaded and all the benefits of being a part of the Urban Chicken Movement.   Yes, this is a movement! Cities from coast to coast are embracing the idea of not only being local food consumers but also producers.  Now,  I am NOT saying that once you have read a few articles on the Internet you are ready to join in on the cause but this is a good place to start filling your curiosity.  I would also like to suggest signing up for a class to learn more about chickens in an urban dwelling; the Utah Extension Center offers a few courses but also WCG has a yearly Urban Chickens Workshop packed with information about owning your own chickens, and information about chickens in the “Garden Resources” section of our website. I know I will be at the workshop this Wednesday night to hear from local chicken owners and educators.

How else did I learn about chickens? From the local chicken owner community! These people are awesome and know EVERYTHING about what works in an urban coop. We are talking about coops that house three hens to coops that house twelve hens. These coops are miniature palaces of poultry and can be found everywhere in downtown Salt Lake.  My number one piece of advice is meet these people and learn from them because they are passionate about being producers of a healthy, organic protein source which has to be the main motivation for owning chickens.  Come meet a few of the local chicken coop owners this weekend, Saturday, June 27, at the Tour de Coops and become a chicken lover just like me!

WCG Tour de Coops organizer, Kandace, with a local urban chick!
Wasatch Community Gardens' Tour de Coops organizer, Kandace, with a local urban chick!

Thanks and hope to see you during Tour de Coops!




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