Staff Field Trip to Sandhill Farms

This past Monday, July13, a group of five Wasatch Community Gardens staff ladies and friends rambled on over to Sandhill Farms, an idyllic piece of paradise located in the aptly named town of Eden, in Ogden Valley about an hour north of Salt Lake City. We came to have a peek at the farm, take a swim in Pineview Reservoir, and lend a gardening hand to young farmer Pete Rasmussen for the day.

Sandhill Farms is located in a small river valley with deep rich soil and towering mountains all around. Fields of multicolored beets, spring mix lettuce, purple potatoes, and lots and lots of GARLIC are spread over the beautiful property adjacent to Pineview Reservoir. We helped Pete harvest, wash, and package his weekly order of greens for local restaurants in Ogden and Salt Lake City. Pete also has a 40 member CSA for nearby residents, as well as selling at many local farmers markets including the Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market.

After lending a hand for the morning, we sat down to a fresh and eclectic lunch including fresh salad greens, dried cherries, peanut butter/mullberry jam/cilantro/almond sandwiches, and more delicious greens. We were able to spend some time chatting with Pete, who is one of the most enthusiastic and fun loving farmers around. He knows and loves his plants dearly, and you can tell by how beautiful all of his produce is! After lunch, we took a short stroll over to a beach at Pineview and spent a while swimming and enjoying the glory of summer sun and heat. We all would highly recommend a trip out to Eden, to lend a hand, and learn more about one of the best local farmers in Utah.

To learn more about Farmer Pete and his Sandhill Farms, check out his website at

Sandhill Farms is also hosting a harvest party dinner called GARLACTICA that will be held at the farm. It will be held on the evening of July 31, 2009 and will definitely involve fun, food, music, and lots and lots of GARLIC!

Also, you can learn a few things from Pete by attending two workshops that he is teaching with Wasatch Community Gardens:

Fall Planting Workshop on Saturday August 8 from 10am-noon at the Grateful Tomato Garden:Want to Harvest fresh greens in February? Now is the time to plan and plant. You’ll learn about cold and hot frames, hoop houses, and more!

Vampire Prevention (Garlic Workshop) on Saturday October 3 from 10am-noon at the Grateful Tomato Garden: Learn the history, importance, and varieties of garlic through this hands-on planting and tasting demonstration!

Now, here are a few photos from our trip, Enjoy!



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