Produce Donations

Is your garden bursting with corn? Are you overwhelmed with zucchini? Getting buried by your tomatoes? Tired of all that fruit dropping on your lawn and making a mess?  Is your produce going to waste and ending up in your compost pile? If so, we have a solution to all of your garden woes. Donate! In partnership with Utahns Against Hunger, Wasatch Community Gardens will be providing local gardeners with a list of food pantries in our area, along with donation times and pantry specific donation information. There are thousands of families and people in need in our communities who do not have access to all the healthy treats that many of us are knee deep in this time of year. Please help us in our efforts to get healthy local produce to everyone who wants it, and take care of your over-abundance at the same time. And please remember all the pantries on the list will take donations of other items too, so call and see what else you can do for your fellow community members.

The updated list of food pantries should be available on our website in the next few days. In the meantime, please call Utahns Against Hunger at 801-328-2561 or 1-800-453-FOOD(6336) for locations and donation times. Or you can check out, enter your zip code and get a list of local pantries.

Now, here are some suggestions to make your donation experience as quick, easy, and delightful as possible.

□     Please wash and bag or box like veggies together (individual servings makes things easier too)

□     Call your local food pantry before bringing donations to make sure your donation can be accommodated, especially if you are bringing less familiar and unusual veggies or fruit (i.e. cooking greens, turnips, cooking/baking apples, small plums, etc…)

□     Earlier in the week is usually better for donating produce especially quick wilting greens.

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