Gardening in the City

if we aren't gardening or farmers market-ing, we are out hiking and climbing

I live in an apartment, but I still want to have fresh produce during the summer. I love a fresh garden tomato on my sandwich, so much better than those things that look like tomatoes you get at the grocery store. Right?
Growing up we usually had something growing in the back behind the garage. Corn was a family favorite. But I was young then and I didn’t really pay much attention to any of it. My family moved when I was a sophomore in high school we created a spot in our back yard for a garden, and it gets better every year.
I still don’t think I appreciated the idea of a garden until I moved to Moscow, Russia. There really isn’t much space for a garden when all you have is a 900 square foot apartment. So when I moved back to Utah and bought my first house, I made sure there was garden space. I got some great tomatoes out of that garden. I sold the house a couple of years later and now I live in an apartment and still want that fresh garden produce. What to do?
There are the community gardens of course, if you can get a spot in one. Farmers markets are always good options also. But say you can’t always make it to the farmers market.
My mother-in-law gave us a large pot last year to use, and we have made use of it the best we can. Last year we had a zucchini plant that took over. Luckily we were able to get quite a few heirloom pear tomatoes also. This year we have a couple of pepper plants and a tomato plant. We got a couple of tomatoes, don’t know if we will get any more, and finally our Anaheim plant is starting to produce as well.
We don’t have a huge garden, and we don’t always make it to the farmers markets, but we do have plants that will provide us with that fresh garden tomato I so crave.
What will you do to get that tomato?



I am an outdoor enthusiast, maybe to an extreme. If it has to do with climbing, canyoneering, hiking or any other such outdoor sport I will do it. I am a martial artist. I have been practicing Kung Fu for 10 years or so. It has molded my character more than just about anything else I have done. I also pretend to be a gardener. I have a small container garden in back of the apartment building, although it seems to be struggling a bit this year, I usually get some fresh tomatoes from it.

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