Who Needs ‘Maters When You Have Eggers?

Wow.  Lame title.  And possibly more than a little confusing.

Let me ‘splain.  No.  Is too much.  Let me sum up.  {I’ll give you a free subscription to the blog if you can name that movie!}

My tomatoes are pitiful.  I am only slightly buoyed by the fact that nearly everyone else in the valley has lame tomato plants this year too.  Not that the plants are lame – no sir – they are over 6′ tall!  It’s the production that is pathetic.  My early girl has one orange tomato and 3 green ones.

Not all is lost, however.  While searching for a screw that leapt from his hands, my husband spotted a treasure under the coop.  An EGG!  Our girls are only 4.5 months, so I wasn’t expecting anything yet.

But there she sat.  Green and slender and beautiful.

As I walked around the coop, analyzing the best way to retrieve the egg, I spotted another nest of 3 eggs.  All long and slender, and slightly greener.

Could it be that our 2 Easter Eggers are blessing us with early eggs to help us combat the lack of ‘maters?

Sometimes nature is late, sometimes she’s early, yet she’s always right on time.

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