Brilliant In Its Simplicity

A couple of weeks ago we WCG bloggers/gardeners got together for a little potluck. Sort of a get to know you/ get to know what we are doing gathering. We had a good time. We ate lots of food, talked a lot of gardening, and talked a little blogging.
I tend to have a hard time with potlucks mostly because I think I am not creative enough to bring anything good. I like to think of my wife as the creative part of our team.
I asked her what I should take with me. She recommended bringing my favorite salad of hers, just a simple little tomato cucumber salad.
Brilliant in its simplicity I think.
It got good reviews at the gathering and a request for the recipe.
Now I tell you in advance, this may be the only recipe I post, as I don’t fancy myself a creative cook. But I cant pass this one up.
I will give you the basic ingredients, and leave it to you to find the perfect proportions for your own taste.
So here it is in all its simplicity.

3 or 4 heirloom tomatoes, cut into 8ths or so.
a couple of cucumbers, peeled or not, and sliced.
a half a red onion or so, sliced thin.
a little olive oil.
a little red wine vinegar.
some fresh ground black pepper.
a little Lowery’s seasoned salt.
and a touch of agave nectar to balance the vinegar.

mix it all together, and voilà.

Nothing fancy, but so very tasty.
Share it at your next gathering, everyone will love it.

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