22 Ways to Eat Green Tomatoes

I have about a billion green tomatoes and Mother Nature isn’t exactly co-operating with me.  Over the course of the next couple days it will become time to clear out the summer bed and put it to rest with a good helping of compost.

I have two options.  Feed the green tomatoes to my chickens {which they will love and isn’t exactly terrible because I will still enjoy them in egg form} or use them up quickly.

Honestly, feeding them to the chickens sounds easier, but the Six Chicks will still love to peck the plants I tear out, so I really should get on it and make something delicious with those little green girls.

Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe By ezrapoundcake.com

My first thought was, of course, Fried Green Tomatoes, but there’s only so much frying this family can handle.  Plus, I wanted to get adventurous and maybe even find a good way to store the tomatoes so we can have garden fresh tomatoes {in some form} this winter.  So I went to my trusty friend, The Internet, and found some tempting options.


Green Tomato Recipes

*Note: Descriptions below are quotes from the recipe sites

  1. Fried Green Tomatoes with Buttermilk-Lime Dressing: (as seen in picture) While the oil heated, I sliced and dredged the tomatoes – a much simpler task than expected, since they’re so firm. Then I lowered them into the oil. Making fried green tomatoes at home is dangerously easy. Recipe found at Ezra Pound Cake.
  2. Fried Green Tomato BLT: The green tomatoes are dredged in flour and cornmeal, dipped into a milk-and-egg mixture, and redredged before taking a dip in the fryer. They come out crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside. It’s a great contrast, and in a sandwich that relies on the interplay of different textures, it’s a welcome treat. Recipe from Serious Eats.
  3. Green Tomato Pickles Recipe: I’ve been waiting to harvest the end-of-the-season green tomatoes that won’t ripen – not to fry them, but to make green tomato pickles. When I visit my dad, he always has homemade pickles, chutneys, and hot sauces in the pantry. He could survive forever on the many jars of pickles and cases of wine stored in his closets. This is a sweet pickle he devised from a handful of recipes. Follow the recipe, and you’ll have enough to can. Not prepared to can? Reduce the recipe to make just enough for one container, and eat it within the next couple of weeks. Recipe from Mac & Cheese.
  4. Italian Farmhouse Green Tomato Pickles: Snappy, spicy, and a perfect lift for so many dishes, this seasoning found in the city of Lecce, in southern Italy’s Apulia region, is an old way of putting up the last (or first) of the tomato harvest. There, they are often small oval green tomatoes with pointed tips. Sometimes the tomatoes, in their marinade of garlic, chiles, basil, and mint, are set out on their own as part of an antipasto. On other occasions they season vegetable sautes, soups, tomato sauces, are sauteed into simple pasta dishes, blended with scrambled eggs, and are added to meat stews and ragus. Try a few spoonfuls the next time you saute spinach, sweet peppers, or onions. They’re excellent on sandwiches, especially ones of roasted vegetables, or good ham. Recipe from The Splendid Table.
  5. Pickled Green Tomatoes: Since our counters were overflowing with tomatoes and peppers, I wanted to try my sister’s recipe for pickled green tomatoes. I call her The Canning Queen, a title she has worked hard to earn. She’s been canning for about 20 years and making this pickle recipe for three years with great success. This year she put up 19 quarts of these delicious pickled tomatoes. They are good cut up in salads or as a snack right out of the jar. Recipe found at Andrea’s Recipes.
  6. Orange-Green Tomato Relish: Here is a recipe with very few ingredients worth putting away for the fall: Orange-green tomato relish. If you’re not into “canning,” just put in zip-lock bags and freeze. Canning is really easy, though, and this recipe looks pretty in a jar. Recipe from The Atlantic.
  7. Green Tomato Relish: This recipe yielded 3 pint size jars and 5 half pint jars. Just enough to keep a few and to give away as gifts. You really need to give this relish a try especially if you are a lover of green tomatoes. Recipe found at Mommy’s Kitchen.
  8. Farmgirl Susan’s Green Tomato Relish: This recipe also takes full advantage of the late summer/early fall harvest; red peppers, onions, garlic, and apples are all called for. Adding the cilantro and jalapenos right at the end helps them retain their bright color. Green cilantro and jalapenos coupled with red peppers gives the relish a festive color combination that lends itself perfectly to holiday gifts–that definitely won’t get tossed into the compost bin. Recipe from Farmgirl Fare.
  9. Green Tomato Salsa: This mild two-tomato salsa boasts the tartness of green tomatoes and the sweet flavor of fresh corn and ripe red tomatoes. Serve with tortilla chips or as a condiment to tacos or fajitas. Recipe found at Delish.
  10. Green Tomato Salsa Recipe: This salsa was so delicious. Everyone was slopping spoonfuls in their soups. I enjoyed it with my black-eyed peas and rice. I’ll share those recipes as we transcribe our memories from the other night! Recipe found at Eat. Drink. Better.
  11. Green Tomato Chutney: I have done my research and found a really good green tomato chutney recipe! I have adapted it to my own taste and present it here for you. Now the first thing I would suggest when it comes to making chutney is to allow yourself a good few hours. This is very much like jam making as you are effectively making a savoury jam, and cannot be rushed. Recipe found at Margeland.
  12. Green Tomato Chutney: If you’re wondering why I use dried Cranberries instead of Raisins it’s because a certain someone (who eats most of the chutney in our house) doesn’t like the taste of Raisins. Recipe found at My Tiny Plot.
  13. Green Tomato Jam: The flavor is pure green tomato, with a slight floral undertone that reminded me of borage blossoms, contrasted by the lemony tartness I prefer in my jam. The recipe, as I interpreted it–by skipping both the cinnamon stick in and the food mill step in Ferber’s original version–, allowed for the taste and texture of the tomatoes in all their glory to remain palpable, unadulterated. Perfect! Recipe found at Seattle Bon Vivant.
  14. Green Tomato Jam With Ginger & Vanilla: The result, after a relaxing hour and a half of bubbling and occasional stirring, was a beautiful translucent green jam flecked with black dots, its sweetness enhanced by the vanilla and offset by the ginger. You can of course spread it on bread, but I agree with Nadim that it’s particularly delicious with fresh cheese or thick yoghurt. Recipe from Rosa Jackson.
  15. Recipe: Green Tomato and Lemon Marmalade: Recipe from The New York Times.
  16. Green Tomato Bread: I have so many green tomatoes growing on my tomato plants right now that it’s tempting to go ahead and pick a few to make this delicious bread. It’s similar to a zucchini bread in that it’s packed with vegetables that you’d never know are there (another one of those great ways to sneak things in for picky eaters). You can freeze the puree in measure quantities at the end of the summer so that you’ll have this ready when needed to make this moist bread. I make the recipe with part Splenda to keep the sugar content down, but you can use all sugar instead. Same with the nonfat yogurt – use whatever type you like or even sour cream which gives it a nice tang. Recipe from Cooking With Michelle.
  17. Green Tomato Soup: We love the flavor of Black Forest ham in this soup, but you can use any variety of ham, or even kielbasa, smoked turkey, or bacon. A dollop of sour cream rounds out the acidity of the tomatoes. Recipe from Epicurious.
  18. Green Tomato-Bacon Spaghetti Sauce: This quick, anytime pasta dish works well for a quick weekday supper or for late evening dining. Freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese creates a creamy sauce when combined with the pasta water. Crispy bacon, sweet tomatoes and vibrant parsley accent the warm, white spaghetti strands. Recipe found at Oregon Live.
  19. Beef and Green Tomato Casserole: This ain’t the Betty Crocker casserole you’re used to. Instead, this higher-end version combines tender beef, tangy green tomatoes, and fluffy Sweet Potato Biscuits. It may take slightly more work than the Betty Crocker recipe, but it’s well worth it. Recipe found at Chow.
  20. Green Tomato and Squash Soup: Recipe from She Knows.
  21. Grilled Green Tomatoes with Creamy Basil Sauce: Make use of unripened green tomatoes, grilled and dressed with basil sauce, in this simple side that goes will with fried chicken or grilled steak. Recipe from Everyday Food by Martha Stewart.
  22. Green Tomato and Leek Frittata: Beaten egg whites reduce the fat content and lighten the texture of this frittata.

Do you have a favorite was to prepare or preserve green tomatoes?



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