Plant Sale


I love the yearly plant sale put on by Wasatch Community Gardens. Even though we don’t have a lot of space in our container garden we still end up coming home with a dozen plants.  The nice thing about that is we can use some of those plants as mother’s day gifts and still benefit from them. I love the heirloom varieties of tomatoes. This year we picked up a Black from Tula, and a Ukrainian Purple, which we will probably keep for our little garden. We may pass on the Green Zebra, the Japanese Black, and the Kellog’s Breakfast Orange. However I really like the Kellog’s, so we may have to keep that one instead.
What are your favorites?



I am an outdoor enthusiast, maybe to an extreme. If it has to do with climbing, canyoneering, hiking or any other such outdoor sport I will do it. I am a martial artist. I have been practicing Kung Fu for 10 years or so. It has molded my character more than just about anything else I have done. I also pretend to be a gardener. I have a small container garden in back of the apartment building, although it seems to be struggling a bit this year, I usually get some fresh tomatoes from it.

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