Mad City Chickens at Chicken Week 2011!

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been hearing – and reading – about Mad City Chickens for years now.  Finally, Wasatch Community Gardens’ 2011 Chicken Week is hosting the state debut of this epic chicken film.

That’s right.  Epic. Chicken. Film.  If those three words don’t send chicken-pimples down your arm I don’t know what would.

Want to find out why people are chicken-crazy?  Wonder what exactly a chicken has to offer besides thighs and omelets?  Have you recently been pondering how to go about getting your city’s ordinances to welcome the feathery beasts?

Mad City Chickens is for you.

Do you love your chicks?  Can you hardly remember what life was like before the zany creatures graced your backyard? Want to share an evening with fellow bird-brain enthusiasts?

Mad City Chickens is for you.

And just in case you need an extra nudge…. here’s a teaser.  But only because I love you.  And only because tickets are on sale now and I’ve been asked to hawk them mercilessly.

Personally, I think you should pick ’em up ASAP.  We only have one showing and with the success of this film and Chicken Week in general, I can hear the stampede already.  It sounds a little bit like the moment I pick up my shovel and my Six Chicks recognize that freshly dug dirt equals fat juicy worms.  Yeah.  A little bit like that.


For information on more WCG’s 6th Annual Tour de Coops and other 2011 Chicken Week events, visit Wasatch Community Gardens.

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