Our volunteers making the difference – Thank you!

The culture of service and volunteerism in Utah is part of what makes our state so unique. Individuals throughout the state feel a deep desire to reach out to their neighbors and communities in both religious and non – religious capacities. (Source: Utah Commission on Volunteerism)

RBS VolunteersResearch in 2012 by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) through the Volunteering in America 2012 report ranks Utah as the #1 volunteering state in the nation with 40.9 % of adults volunteering. This volunteering rate is significantly above the national average of 26.8%. (Source: Utah Commission on Volunteerism)



On average, Utah’s volunteers dedicate 144 million hours of service per year, which is equivalent to 69,000 full – time employees with an estimated economic contribution of $3.7 billion annually. (Source: Utah Commission on Volunteerism)

1 SLCC students_garden work session_Canyon Rim Community Garden_July 7, 2014 photo by Felecia Maxfield BarrettWasatch Community Gardens is happy to contribute to these numbers. In 2013, we had over 700 volunteers contribute more than 7,300 hours of their time to our organizational efforts. This allowed WCG to donate more than 3,000 pounds of produce to our local food pantries, successfully manage 12 community gardens, provide technical assistance to 19 network community gardens, work with over 1,500 youth in our various youth program, and host more 800 individuals in 60 workshops. (Source: Wasatch Community Garden’s 2013 Annual Report)

Wasatch Community Gardens would like to take this moment and thank all of you who have volunteered with us over the last 25 years, helping us empower all people regardless of age and income to grow and eat healthy, organic, local food.



Our mission is to empower people of all ages and incomes to grow and eat healthy, local, organic food. Become a blog contributor and share creative organic gardening tips, frustrating challenges/exciting successes in the garden, and information about local food! To learn more or sign up, send us an email to felecia@wasatchgardens.org. And make sure to check all our programs and events on our website wasatchgardens.org - You can sign up for our e-newsletter, learn how to join our gardening community, be one of our 1300 volunteers who make our events, programs and gardens possible, attend any of our 50 sustainable food and gardening classes, and support an organization that has served the community for more than 25 years. Sign up for our newsletter by going here: www.wasatchgardens.org/connect/newsletter-signup

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